Thumbthing Writings by Bob Spryn, and Roderic Campbell, iOS Engineers and founders at Thumbworks

Update to Insight Notes

At Thumbworks, we value high quality user experiences. We love integrating the newest technologies into our work to provide seamless, modern, secure and delightful experiences for users. We’re excited to integrate the latest and greatest into mHealth apps so that the medical professionals that take care of us can operate more effectively.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the newest version of Insight Notes, a secure note taking app for Health Professionals which includes TouchID login leveraging Apple’s Secure Enclave. We’re confident that this will keep sensitive data safer. As an added bonus, logging into Insight Notes is now faster and more enjoyable.

We’re also introducing support for Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. With the pressure sensitivity provided by the Apple Pencil Hardware mixed with the software enhancements in iOS 9 and higher, we can provide a richer, more expressive and natural drawing experience.

Give the new app a try, we hope you find the experience enjoyable!

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How mHealth App discovery improved in iOS 9.3

I’m always excited when Apple releases a new version of iOS. With each new update users and developers get new goodies. One of my favorite releases was 9.3. On the surface, it wasn’t drastic. There were a few nice high level marketing points, but the one change excited us the most was a little module added to the HealthKit app.

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Cortado, HealthKit App

There is a simple health app that I’ve been using for awhile that uses an amazing and little used user interaction, custom actionable notifications, which was introduced in iOS 8. The app to which I am referring is called Cortado and the interaction is a combination of the lightweight background location fetching and custom user notifications which streamlines an otherwise tedious data input flow.

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On the "FBI vs Apple" iPhone Case, Encryption, and Healthcare

In the healthcare space we deal with sensitive information. In fact, we deal with probably the most sensitive, personal information possible. This level of sensitivity calls on those dealing with that information to rigorously defend its security. In the US we consider this so critical, that we have acts of Congress outlining the lengths to which we need to go to protect this private information, and the penalties we will face if we fail to do so.

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